Analysis of Facebook and Instagram

How to check facebook analytics

Tap in the top right of Facebook. Tap Pages, then go to your Page. Tap Insights at the top of your Page. To see more insights or to export insights, log into Facebook from a computer.

  • Click Dashboards in the left sidebar to view your omni-channel and custom dashboards. View metrics in the omni-channel dashboard of your Facebook Analytics. Click Activity to delve into analytics specific to active users, purchases, funnels, and more. View activity data in your Facebook Analytics.

How do I see Facebook stats?

Click the “View Insights” link in the right sidebar of your Facebook page to view the user and interaction statistics overview for the past month. The user statistics include charts for new likes, lifetime likes and daily, weekly and monthly active users.

How do I set up Facebook Analytics?

To set up Facebook Analytics:

  1. Integrate your channels. This table maps supported channels with how you set them up. …
  2. Review the events and parameters you’re logging (sending) in Activity > Events.
  3. Log additional events and parameters as needed.
  4. Confirm that events and parameters are logging correctly.

How do I get Facebook insights for a year?

To download Facebook Insights for your page, go to your Facebook Page Manager on desktop and click Insights. On the Overview tab, click the Export Data link.

How can I see when my Facebook followers are online?

Click on “When Your Fans Are Online”

Clicking on the “Posts” link will display info about your recent posts. Next, click on the “When Your Fans Are Online” link. You will be shown a visual of when people who are fans of your page have been on Facebook during the past week.

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How can I see my Facebook profile reach?

Scroll down, and you’ll see a graph for Reach. To view the post level Reach, click Posts from that Statistics tab and then select Reach from the second drop-down. Now, you’ll be able to view how each individual post performed. The first column is for Total Reach.19 мая 2020 г.

How do I track a Facebook page?

All you’d need to do is go to the website and choose a tracking option from the list. Enter the URL of the site you’re tracking the location from and copy the provided IPLogger code. From here, it’s all about getting your friend to click the generated URL, which you can send through Facebook Messenger.

Are Facebook Insights free?

Cost: Facebook analytics tool is free. Full suite prices start at $100/month, with a 14-day free trial.

How do I fix my location on Facebook?

To turn Location Services on or off for your Android device: Go to your device’s home screen. Tap Settings, then tap Apps. Scroll through the list of apps and tap Facebook.

To edit your location on a post:

  1. Go to the post.
  2. Click and select Edit post.
  3. Click and enter a new location.
  4. Click Save.

How do I get to my Facebook dashboard?

Scroll down to “Your time on Facebook” and tap. On Instagram, you’ll find “Your activity” inside the settings menu, which you access by tapping the gear icon on your profile. The dashboard shows you a bar chart of the time you have spent in each app over the past seven days. (Tap on any bar to see the exact amount.)

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How do I analyze Facebook Insights?

From your Admin Panel, click on Insights.

  1. Click on Insights within your Admin Panel to view your web Insights. …
  2. Click the Export Data button to view documents of data that aren’t shown in web Insights. …
  3. Export either your page- or post-level data, choosing either the new or old reports.

How do I download Facebook Analytics?

To do that, navigate to your Insights page, and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the Export Data button, in the top right. The Export Insights Data dialog box appears.
  2. Select the start and end dates to export.
  3. Select the type of data. …
  4. Select the file format. …
  5. Click the Download button.

How do I know if my followers are online?

At the bottom of the Followers section, you’ll find two graphs that show when your followers are most active on the network. In the first graph, find out when your followers are online each day. Scroll down to the second graph to discover which days your followers are most likely to be online.

How can I see my Facebook fans?


  1. Log into Facebook with an account that is admin of the fan page.
  2. Go to that page.
  3. Click on Settings (it’s on the top right-hand corner)
  4. Click on People and Other Pages.

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