FAQ: Google Analytics How To See If Traffic Is From Mobile?

Login to your Google Analytics account and look for Audience > Mobile > Overview on the left menu. You’ll be presented with a dashboard showing your combined traffic from desktop, mobile and tablet.

Can Google Analytics track mobile devices?

Mobile Device Usage in Google Analytics Google Analytics can be a quick and free way to measure screen resolutions, devices, and the browsers your site’s visitors are often using. To see what percentage of your users are on mobile devices open up the Audience tab, and select Mobile and Overview.

Does Google Analytics show device type?

Currently, Google Analytics for web exposes a device category field, the discrete values for which are mobile, tablet, and desktop. The interface also allows you to dig deeper into the specific device it is.

How do I know if my browser is using Google Analytics?

But Which Different Browsers??

  1. Login to your Google Analytics profile and select a fairly large date range in the top-right (3 months is good).
  2. Open the Browsers & OS section.
  3. Above the table of results, choose to display a “Secondary Dimension” of “Browser Version“.

Can Google Analytics track individual users?

Tracking individual users in Google Analytics allows you to get a singular view of your customer journeys. If your application or website has a login authentication system, then it is possible to track users in Google Analytics with it’s User ID tracking feature.

What is direct traffic in Google Analytics?

Direct traffic is defined as visitors who entered your site address in the browser search window or entered the saved tab. You’ll be very surprised to find out what direct traffic is for Google Analytics. Direct traffic does not differ from the direct search. It’s the same thing.

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What are website traffic analytics?

Website traffic analysis is the process of collecting and interpreting key data points that describe the web traffic to and from your site. (Web traffic is information about every user that visits your site.)

What percentage of sessions came from mobile devices?

Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices—an increase from 63.3% in 2019. Desktops drove 28.9% of visits, while 3.1% of visitors came from tablets. However, desktop devices remain very important, as they drove 53.3% of total time on site in the U.S. and 46.4% of total time on site globally.

What is visitor’s device type?

Device type in your analytics refers to the visitors who use a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

How can I tell what version of Google Analytics is on my iPhone?

In Google Analytics…:

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel.
  2. Click on Custom Definitions in the Property column.
  3. Select Custom Dimensions.
  4. Click +New Custom Dimension.
  5. Enter a name for the Custom Dimension (“iPhone Model” would be a good name)
  6. Set the Scope to Session.

What report shows which types of mobile devices visit a website?

Mobile > Devices report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website.

What is the use of Google Analytics in Android?

Like web tracking, Analytics for mobile collects user activity to your app with an Analytics beacon that sends data to the Analytics servers. Each unique view in your app corresponds to an Analytics screen view. The report aggregates all interaction data within the last 30 minutes.

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Is there a Google Analytics app?

Google Analytics provides an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android app, known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

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