FAQ: Google Analytics How To Show What Pages Of My Website Are Visited Most?

If you click on ‘Behavior’ > ‘Site content’ you’ll find the ‘All pages’ report. This shows you the unique pages that were visited in the period you chose. At the bottom of the table you can see the total number of unique pages that were visited.

How do I find the most popular pages on my website?

To do this you scroll to the Behavior Section. Then click on Site Content. Finally click on All Pages. This will generate a report that will show you all of your content and the total amount of pageviews that content has received.

What is the most viewed page on a website?

Wikipedia is the most visited website on our list, with more than 1.1 billion estimated monthly visits from organic search.

How do I find pages in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, go to Behavior -> All Pages and enter the name of your folder in the search field. You will get a list of URLs in that folder with standard metrics. For SEO traffic to the pages, you can select Behavior -> Landing Pages and view completely different set of metrics.

What is Google Analytics content Drilldown?

Google’s content drilldown feature allows you to start with a directory or page. Simply click to go down a level. Along the way, you can view the engagement metrics at each point, drilling down until you get an accurate picture of how each piece of content performs.

How do I use Google Analytics Behavior?

You can access Behavior reports using the menu in the left sidebar of your Google Analytics dashboard. Google Analytics left sidebar menu with Behavior section. There are nine separate reporting sections and tools under Behavior in your website’s Google Analytics profile. Let’s dive into them.

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What pages should every website have?

5 Pages Every Website Needs

  • Homepage. The homepage is where all the action happens on your site.
  • About Page. The About page is an opportunity to elaborate on your brand’s vision and accomplishments.
  • Products or Services Page. The products and services page is the crux of most websites.
  • Blog Page.
  • Contact Page.

How do I optimize my website?

How to Optimize your Website for SEO in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Analyze all of your website data.
  2. Conduct thorough keyword research.
  3. Produce long and value-rich content.
  4. Optimize for on-page SEO.
  5. Optimize for off-page SEO.
  6. Optimize the website for mobile.
  7. Speed up the pages.
  8. Get quality backlinks.

How can I check my website ranking?

Here are some simple ways you can check the ranking position of a particular page, for a specific keyword, using the Moz Pro tools.

  1. Analyze a Keyword.
  2. Page Optimization.
  3. Rank Checker.
  4. Rank Check Feature in Keyword Explorer Lists.

What kind of websites get the most traffic?

Written content is the most effective type of content for attracting website traffic – with 40.4 percent of respondents saying so. 34.3 percent view video content as the most effective content form in driving traffic to their website. Visual content is the top traffic-generator for 25.3 percent of the respondents.

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