FAQ: How Accurate Are Google Analytics Geo?

Analytics only uses the connected IP address to estimate user location based on geolocation databases. They estimate that countries are 95%-99% accurate, regions (states) are 55%-80% accurate, and cities are 50-75% accurate.

Can Google Analytics track exact location?

Google Analytics tracks user’s location based on their IP address. That means users are tracked based on where their internet connection is, not necessarily where they are. I pulled up two tabs on my computer – our website ( and our Analytics account (the realtime location report to be exact).

Are Google Analytics Demographics accurate?

In this study, Google Analytics demographics data was fairly accurate at predicting gender but not age. However, the real benefit to advertisers from this new integration are the affinity categories, which at the very least can provide an actionable snapshot of your target market.

How does Google Analytics Get geographic data?

To populate Geo Location reports, Google collects the numeric IP address associated with the device that visits a website and converts it into the Geo Location dimensions we recognize. To do the conversion, Google cross-references the IP address with 3rd party databases containing physical locations of known IPs.

How does Google Analytics geography work?

How Geographical Data import works. Analytics provides a number of geographical dimensions, such as City, Country, Continent, etc. The values for these dimensions are automatically derived from the IP address of the hit, which is convenient but also has a few drawbacks: IP-based locations are approximate.

How does Google Analytics know what cities people are coming from?

Google Analytics determines locations from a visitor’s IP addresses and where internet service providers assign those ranges.

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How accurate is Google location data?

Google location history is not accurate 100%, it often goes wrong; if a place is wrong on your Timeline then you can edit the location from your timeline. For more details please visit the link. You can also Improve your location’s accuracy on google maps, please visit the link for details.

Can I trust Google Analytics?

Most of the data provided by Google Analytics is highly reliable because the tracking code collects ‘primary data’ such as the number of visitors to a website, how long they stay, and if they move to another page on the site.

What age group uses Google the most?

According to a 2015 study by digital marketing consultancy Further, users aged anywhere between 18 and 44 were most likely to be using Google to search the web.

Does Google Analytics have a heat map?

What is a Google Analytics heat map? Google offers an official heatmap Chrome browser extension called Page Analytics (by Google). Once installed, it shows you where visitors click on your web pages.

Is mobile number a Geo dimension?

Mobile number cannot be classified as a geo dimension. Geo dimensions are terms or entities used to differentiate between geographic borders. These include divisions made by physical or virtual borders such as zip codes, states and provinces.

Can you see IP addresses in Google Analytics?

IP addresses are not available in your Google Analytics reports. So, while Google does collect IP addresses, Google doesn’t provide that data to end users. The bottom line is you are not able to see IP addresses anywhere in your Google Analytics reports.

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How does Google Analytics Determine country wise traffic?

Yes, they are. In the left-side menu, go to Content → Site Content → Pages. Then, click on the Secondary dimension button below the graph and choose Visitors → Country/Territory. You will be presented with the pageviews per page per country.

What is geo location Google Analytics?

Overview. Geo reports provide basic information on your audience’s (website visitors) language and geographic location. This suite of reports breaks down key stats as they relate to the language and geographic location of your website visitors.

What is Google Analytics geography?

The geography report in Google Analytics tells you who are the visitors coming to your website. But more importantly, where are they coming from. The geographical location of your visitors can be analysed at different levels. The most common being country.

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