FAQ: How To Add Universal Google Analytics Tag Manager?

Deploy Universal Analytics with Tag Manager

  1. On the Workspace Overview screen, click New Tag.
  2. Click Tag Configuration and choose Universal Analytics.
  3. Select the desired Track Type.
  4. Select or create a new Google Analytics Settings Variable:

How do I create a Universal Analytics tag?

3. Create a Universal Analytics event tag

  1. Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account.
  2. Select a mobile container.
  3. On the left navigation bar, click Tags.
  4. Click New.
  5. Click Untitled Tag to enter the tag name Video Play Event.
  6. Choose product Google Analytics.
  7. Enter the tracking ID.
  8. Select Event as the Track Type.

How do I turn on Universal Tracking in Google Analytics?

Click Show advanced options (below the property-setup fields). Turn on the switch for Create a Universal Analytics property. Enter the website URL. Select the protocol (http or https).

Does Google Tag Manager include Google Analytics?

Google Tag Manager does not replace Google Analytics. Instead, it helps users to easily add Google Analytics tracking code (tag) to a website, deploy GA event code snippets and define rules when each code must fire.

How do I add tags to Google Tag Manager?

Set Up a Tag

  1. Create a new tag in the Google Tag Manager dashboard.
  2. Configure your tag.
  3. Choose a tag type.
  4. Link your tag to Google Analytics tracking.
  5. Choose a trigger to determine when the tag is recorded.
  6. Save your tag.
  7. Activate your tag by pressing “Submit.”

How do I add Google Tag Manager code?

The most recommended way how to install Google Tag Manager code is to place