FAQ: How To Setup A Google Analytics Link To Track Clicks?

Set up Google Analytics tracking

  1. Click your profile image at the top right, then select Account settings.
  2. Click Analytics tracking settings.
  3. Select Enable Google Analytics integration then enter the domains you want to track:
  4. Click Save analytics settings.

Can you track link clicks in Google Analytics?

Yes Google Analytics can track both internal and external link clicks through what is called “event tracking”. Custom code snippets or events from Google Tag Manager can help feed these events into Google Analytics based on your specific requirements.

How do I track clicks on a link in Google Analytics 4?

Set up custom link clicks.

  1. Add a Google Analytics 4 property to your site. In Google Analytics 4, you can automatically track links.
  2. Click “See your GA4 property.”
  3. Click “Data Streams.”
  4. Click your site.
  5. Set up custom link clicks.

How do you make a trackable link?

How to Create Trackable Links to Measure Your Campaigns

  1. Google URL Builder.
  2. Step #1: Paste the Link.
  3. Step #2: Create Campaign Source.
  4. Step #3: Create Campaign Medium.
  5. Step #4: Create Campaign Team.
  6. Step #5: Add Campaign Content.
  7. Step #6: Add Campaign Name.
  8. Google URL Shortener.

How do I track my clicks?

Below are the steps for finding out how many people clicked your tracking links.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click on the appropriate website profile.
  3. Click “All Web Site Data.” You will be taken to your analytics dashboard showing you an overview of your website activity.

How does Google Analytics track button clicks in goals?

The easiest way to track button clicks within Google Analytics is to use “Goals”. Goals measure how well your site performs it’s objective, which in our case was getting users to click the “Schedule Now” button.

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How do I use the click element in Google Tag Manager?

What is Click Element Variable in Google Tag Manager? It is a variable that returns the element, that was clicked. By default, it is disabled in all new GTM containers and needs to be enabled by going to Variables > Configure (in the Built-in variables section). Then click the checkbox next to a Click Element.

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