FAQ: What Are Top Performers In Google Analytics?

At the top, you can visualize the performance for your top Google Analytics KPIs, split by top performers:

  • Total Sessions Total number of sessions.
  • Session Duration Average duration per Session (s)
  • Avg Time on Page Average time spent on a page (s)
  • Avg Unique Pageviews Total of pageviews per session.

How do I find top performing content in Google Analytics?

To discover which content is the best-performing on your site, go to your content menu and select the tab “Pages” under your “Site Content.” This area of Google Analytics will allow you to pinpoint which pieces of content your visitors stay on the longest and which ones lead them to look at more content or pages on

What is top content in Google Analytics?

The Top Content report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report shows the most popular posts on your mom blog. Your popular content gives you insight into why your readers come to you. The topics of these posts tell you what people like, even when they don’t comment.

What is the hierarchy of Google Analytics?

The full hierarchy of Google Analytics Account looks the following way: Account > Property > View > Users and views. Each of these levels has its functions and characteristics: Account is the highest level and your point of access to Google Analytics.

What is top social traffic in Google Analytics?

Social traffic refers to traffic coming to your website, mobile site or mobile app from social networks and social media platforms. For example, a person who clicks on a tweet or a Facebook post and then arrives on your brand’s website will be counted in your digital analytics reports as social traffic.

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How do you find top performing content?

How to Find the Best Pieces of Content in Your Industry

  1. Buzz metrics. Buzz metrics typically include the number of shares and “likes” on the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
  2. Buzz challenges.
  3. Impact metrics.
  4. Backlinks.
  8. Find the top content on your domain.

What is performance view Google Analytics?

The Performance View is another great way to visualize important Google Analytics data without becoming overwhelmed with too many numbers. This view also shows data in the form of percentages. But instead of using a pie chart to compare the primary dimension, it uses a bar graph, which some people prefer.

What does top content mean?

Top Content – Web Analytics In Web analytics, including Google Analytics, top content provides details on the most viewed pages ( top performing content ) on your website. These pages are responsible for driving the most page views on your website. See also Web analytics and basic metrics.

Which segments represents the highest value audience?

You can start from any of these reports to build a picture of your high-value customers. In this example, the Age report shows that 18-24 and 25-34-year-olds together make up the majority of users, but the 25-34 segment contributes the most revenue and has the highest conversion rate.

What is metric in Google Analytics?

Metrics in Analytics can be sums or ratios. Metrics are individual elements of a dimension that can be measured as a sum or a ratio. For example, the dimension City can be associated with a metric like Population, which would have a sum value of all the residents of the specific city.

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What is Property level Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, a property is a website, mobile application, or blog, etc., that is associated with a unique tracking ID. A Google Analytics account can contain one or more properties. Learn more about Google Analytics properties. A view is a set of specifications for tracking traffic on a single domain.

What is google CPC in Google Analytics?

Cost-per-click (CPC): Definition Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding means that you pay for each click on your ads. For CPC bidding campaigns, you set a maximum cost-per-click bid – or simply “max.

Can Google Analytics track Instagram?

By using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track the traffic coming from your Instagram profile. You can then compare the data with other channels in one place, allowing the possibility to focus your marketing budget on the right channels.

Can Google Analytics track Facebook?

One key advantage of tracking Facebook campaigns in Google Analytics is that you can drill into the site behavior of traffic from your Facebook ads, which you can’t do within Facebook. To do this, you’ll have to create a segment. You can read more about Google Analytics segments.

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