FAQ: What Language Does Spotfire Analytics Use?

In November 2011, TIBCO added business intelligence (BI) and analytics software Spotfire 4.0 with Microsoft SharePoint integration. As of 2018, the latest version is Spotfire X. Spotfire X incorporates natural language query (NLQ) powered search, AI-driven recommendations, and model-based processing.

What coding language does Spotfire use?

Spotfire supports a number of execution environments for a several programming languages: JavaScript, R (TERR) scripts, Python (IronPython for. Net), Custom queries (different database query languages). In addition, a limited subset of HTML is available in text areas of Spotfire files.

What Spotfire analytics?

Spotfire is an extremely powerful enterprise-grade analytical platform for deriving valuable business insights. It is a smart, secure, flexible, and scalable tool that provides data.. Imagine, you are a Data Analyst in an organization and the CEO of the organization wants to invest in a European football club.

Is TIBCO Spotfire cloud based?

TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® is a cloud analytics software -as-a-service platform designed for data visualization and discovery. Everything you need is available on the cloud — no installation, just analytics. Start your free trial today.

What programming language does Tibco use?

Its components include TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, a runtime engine for the R programming language, which was added in September 2012 as part of Spotfire 5.0.

What is Tableau tool?

Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data in a very easily understandable format. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau tool and the visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets.

What is Nimbus process mapping?

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business application for process documentation. By presenting an easy-to-understand visualization of how people, processes, and systems should interact, it enables communication and simplification of processes to improve how businesses operate.

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Who owns Tibco software?

As an author, you have access to two authoring tools, TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author, a web client, and TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Analyst, an installed client.

What is custom expression in Spotfire?

TIBCO Spotfire supports two different types of expressions: Insert Calculated Column, which creates a new column in the data table, and Custom Expression, which is used to dynamically modify the expression used on an axis or to define a setting.

How do I edit expressions in Spotfire?

How to Edit Expression Function Properties

  1. In TIBCO Spotfire, select Edit > Data Function Properties (G)
  2. Click on the Expression Functions tab.
  3. Click on the expression function that you want to edit.
  4. Click Edit
  5. Make the required changes in the Expression Functions dialog.
  6. Click OK.

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