FAQ: Where Is Google Analytics Entrance Pages?

Google Analytics now includes an Entrance tab in the All Pages reports, which shows marketers how often a page was the first viewed by a visitor on a website. The metric builds on current data in the report, including a page’s overall views, unique views, bounce rate, time on page and exit rate.

Where do I find Google Analytics entrances?

How Can I View My Entrances in Google Analytics?

  • Go to “Behavior,” under “Reports.”
  • Click on “Site Content.”
  • Click on “All Pages.”
  • View your “Entrances.”

What are entrance pages in Google Analytics?

Entrances. Google Analytics records an entrance for each page that a user begins a new session on. So the number of entrances given for a specific page shows how many users began their session with that page.

Where are all pages in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, go to Behavior -> All Pages and enter the name of your folder in the search field. You will get a list of URLs in that folder with standard metrics. For SEO traffic to the pages, you can select Behavior -> Landing Pages and view completely different set of metrics.

What is a page entrance?

Entrances are popularly also known as Entrance points. These are the number of entries by visitors into the pages of a website. For example, if the user enters a website through the website’s home page, it is accounted as one entrance.

What is entrance in Google Analytics goals?

“(entrance)” indicates the page which served as an entry point to your site. It could be that when you set up your URL goal, you didn’t have any funnel steps, so when a user arrives at your site, they arrive directly at the goal completion URL.

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What is the difference between page views and entrances?

PAGEVIEWS: total number of pages that visitors looked at. ENTRANCES: the total number of visitors who entered your website on a specific page. SESSIONS: a session is defined as a group of interactions one user takes within a given time frame on your website. Google Analytics defaults that time frame to 30 minutes.

What is entrance in previous page path?

The value of the Previous Page Path, in relation to the current page you are on, is always the page you visited before coming to the current page, or it will state that it was an entrance.

What’s the difference between all pages and landing pages in Google Analytics?

Landing pages will show you how people entered your web site and it is good for acquisition analysis. All pages report will show you how your pages perform regardless if they entered the site through that page or not.

What entrance means?

1: power or permission to enter: admission. 2: the act of entering. 3: the means or place of entry.

What do the analytics terms Entry and Exit refer to?

Entrances – This is the number of entries by visitors into the pages of your website. Bounces – This is the number of single-page visits by visitors of your website. Exits – This is the number of exits from your website.

How do I find exit pages in Google Analytics?

To view your Exit Page report, first log in to your Google Analytics account. Next, from the menu panel on your left, go to Behavior » Site Content » Exit Pages.

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