FAQ: You Can Choose How Long Analytics Retains Data Before Automatically Deleting It?

You can choose how long Analytics retains data before automatically deleting it. The maximum amount of time that Analytics will retain Google-signals data is 26 months, regardless of your settings. By default, Google signed-in data expires after 26 months.

What is user retention on Google Analytics?

The User retention by cohort chart shows the percentage of new users who return on their second and eighth day. For example, 100 users visit your site on September 9.

Can you go back in time in Google Analytics?

To compare, you check the box next to “Compare periods.” You can choose a custom date range, the previous year, or the previous period. Not all months have the same number of days, so we recommend comparing to “previous period” to get the most accurate data.

How long does Google ads retain data?

Retention: Google retains the users in your data segments based on the duration you specify, which can range from 1 to 540 days. You’re responsible for complying with any duration limitations under applicable law. In some cases, Google Ads generated lists have a minimum duration of 30 days.

What is the default data retention period in GA4?

You might notice that straight out of the box, the default data retention period in GA4 is just 2 months … That’s right – If users forget to adjust this setting, they will indeed find themselves unable to retrieve any data exceeding 2 months in age from Analysis Hub (now named ‘Explore’) for custom report-building.

How do I use Google Analytics retention?

Measuring Customer Retention Rate with Google Analytics

  1. Login to google analytics.
  2. Track your sites.
  3. Monitor audience behavior.
  4. Estimate the aggregate of new visitors.
  5. Divide the estimate by the total of vistors.
  6. Understand the visitors behavior.
  7. Check the rate of returning users.
  8. Analyzes the traffic sources.
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How do I see user retention in Google Analytics?

To access the Retention overview report, select Reporting from the drop-down menu in the top left of the Analytics interface. Then select Retention > Overview from the LIFE CYCLE section in the left navigation bar. A cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic identified by an Analytics dimension.

How do I compare months and months in Google Analytics?

To compare two different date ranges: Select the Compare to checkbox, then select Custom, Previous Period, or Previous Year. Use the controls to set the second date range. Click Apply.

How do I get month over month in Google Analytics?

If you have to run a report in Google Analytics that shows traffic over time, you’ll need to use a custom report. Custom reports allow you to choose Month of Year from the Dimension drop-down. Then all you have to do is choose your date range, and the report will break down traffic by month.

How long does Google keep your data?

Historically, Google has retained that information indefinitely, but in 2019, the company rolled out a way to automatically delete data points after three months or 18 months, depending on the chosen setting. Starting today, those settings will be on by default for new users.

Where is data stored in Google Analytics?

5) Google Analytics stores your data on remotely located servers. Finally, let’s talk about data residency. Users of Google Analytics, have their data scattered across randomly selected public cloud datacenters, most of which are located in the US.

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How long Google Analytics cookies last?

Browser Persistence For most browsers (such as Google Chrome) The _ga cookie, by default, lasts for two years of inactivity. For returning users, every time a user visits your site, this extends the expiration to two years from the latest date.

What data does Google Analytics store?

Does Google Analytics store personal data? Yes, various data that Google Analytics cookies can collect from your end-users through your website, such as IP addresses, unique IDs and ClientIDs – is data that either directly or in combination with other data can identify an individual.

Does Analytics delete data?

The Google Analytics Data Retention controls give you the ability to set the amount of time before user-level and event-level data stored by Google Analytics is automatically deleted from Analytics servers.

What is data retention period?

A data retention period refers to the amount of time that an organization holds onto information. Different data should have different retention periods. Best practice dictates that data should only be kept only as long as it’s useful.

How long does Google Analytics remember a user?

There’s a new setting in Analytics called Data Retention. By default, Google sets the User and Event data to expire in 26 months. If you want to play it safe, it’s easy to adjust the settings so that you retain your data for longer, or you can set it to never expire.

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