How To Get To Bit Ly Analytics?

Log in to your Bitly account. Type or paste the Bitly link in your browser’s address bar, and then add a “+” to the end (for example, The link with the “+” will take you right to the link within your account and display its metrics on the page.

Where is bit ly located?

Bitly is a URL shortening service and a link management platform, and the company Bitly, Inc., was established in 2008. It is privately held and based in New York City.

How does bit ly count clicks?

Bitly will count multiple clicks from the same person, and multiple clicks from the same bot. Google Analytics counts multiple pageviews from the same person as 1 Session. Sessions and pageviews are different metrics. One user may click a Bitly link 3 or 4 times.

Is bit ly free?

Best all-around URL shortener But Bitly really stands out for its business offering. It’s a generous free plan and could very well be adequate for some small businesses. The $35/month Basic plan provides a free custom domain, allows you to create 1,500 links per month, and shows more data about who clicks your links.

Is Bitly a virus?

Bitly is a legitimate online service that shortens the size of URLs making them easier to share elsewhere. Unfortunately, scammers behind spam text messages and fraud attempts abuse this tool to mask the links to their websites that have just one goal—to steal your money or private information.

How does a Bitly link work?

How does Bitly work? The company uses the response status code TTP 301 redirects to create shortened URLs. Simply put, Bitly takes long URLs and replaces the entire link with a shorter series of numbers and letters. These shortcuts are permanent and cannot be changed once they are created.

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How do I find Bitly links?

Search your Bitly account

  1. Log in to Bitly.
  2. If you have multiple groups, click the profile menu and change to the group where the link was created.
  3. Select the location of your link.
  4. Enter the link in the Search field and press Enter.
  5. Click the matching link in the filtered results.

How do I make a Bitly link for Google?

To create a link in Bitly:

  1. Log in to your Bitly account.
  2. Click Create.
  3. If you have a paid subscription, you will have the option to select a custom domain to brand your link.
  4. Paste the long URL into the Paste Long URL box, this will auto-generate a shortened link.
  5. Click Create.

Can you use Bitly on Google ads?

Google used to have their own link shortener ( but no longer supports it. They’ve added a feature to shorten links through Bitly to make it convenient for everyone. After you create the URL, you can shorten it using your Bitly account. Go to the Campaign URL Builder.

What does Bitly stand for?

A popular URL shortening site that condenses long URLs into short ones under the domain (which happens to use the Libyan country code “ly.” Users can also create a custom name as long as it has not been taken; for example, the Bitly link to a video of this product on YouTube is

Why is bad?

“This means that anyone who randomly scans URLs will find thousands of unlocked OneDrive folders and can modify existing files in them or upload arbitrary content, potentially including malware.” This way of distributing malware is worrisome because it is both quick and effective.

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Are links permanent?

Bitly links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at Bitly and the custom domain is attached to a Bitly account. While you can hide links and their analytics from the analytics view, the data will remain in Bitly.

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