Often asked: How To Check Most Popular Posts In Google Analytics?

To do this you scroll to the Behavior Section. Then click on Site Content. Finally click on All Pages. This will generate a report that will show you all of your content and the total amount of pageviews that content has received.

How do I find top performing posts in Google Analytics?

To discover which content is the best-performing on your site, go to your content menu and select the tab “Pages” under your “Site Content.” This area of Google Analytics will allow you to pinpoint which pieces of content your visitors stay on the longest and which ones lead them to look at more content or pages on

How do I find most popular blog posts?

Here are a few ways you can find out which posts are tops on your blog.

  1. Number of Comments – One easy way to see if a post is popular or not is to look at the number of comments.
  2. Number of Trackbacks – How many other blogs are referencing your blog post?
  3. Social Traffic – How many Diggs did your post get?

How do I see traffic on Google Analytics?

Add Analytics tracking

  1. On a computer, open a classic Google Sites.
  2. Click Settings. Manage site.
  3. Under “Statistics,” click the Down arrow. Use Universal Analytics.
  4. In the text box, under “Analytics Web Property ID,” enter a valid Analytics Property ID.
  5. At the top, click Save.

How do you find top performing content?

How to Find the Best Pieces of Content in Your Industry

  1. Buzz metrics. Buzz metrics typically include the number of shares and “likes” on the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
  2. Buzz challenges.
  3. Impact metrics.
  4. Backlinks.
  8. Find the top content on your domain.
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How do you find most popular posts on a website?

To find your most popular landing pages, go to Google Analytics and click on Behavior, then Site Content, then Landing Pages. From there you can see the list of landing pages (from most to least popular), number of sessions, new users, bounce rate, session duration, and other key metrics.

What is top content in Google Analytics?

The Top Content report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report shows the most popular posts on your mom blog. Your popular content gives you insight into why your readers come to you. The topics of these posts tell you what people like, even when they don’t comment.

How do I see my most visited websites?

How to View Your Browsing History

  1. Click the Favorites Center button and then click History to display the History pane.
  2. Click the down arrow on the History button and select a sort method: By Date: Sort favorites by date visited.
  3. In the History pane, click the link to the site you want to visit.

What is Google Analytics Content Drilldown?

Google’s content drilldown feature allows you to start with a directory or page. Simply click to go down a level. Along the way, you can view the engagement metrics at each point, drilling down until you get an accurate picture of how each piece of content performs.

Which is the most visited site?

As of June 2021, holds the leading position as the most popular website worldwide with 86.9 billion total monthly visits. The online platform has held the top spot as the most popular website since June 2010, when it pulled ahead of Yahoo into first place.

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How do I see most viewed posts on WordPress?

Display the Most Viewed Posts Place the following code in the sidebar or where you want to display the most popular posts list. query_posts(‘meta_key=post_views_count&orderby=meta_value_num&order=DESC’); if (have_posts()): while (have_posts()): the_post();

How do I check my competitor traffic? is another great tool for finding out what’s driving traffic to your competitors’ sites—and not just advertisements. This will show you whether they’re using paid ads, keywords, organic search, etc. to get the traffic that they do.

How do I test Google Analytics?

For web pages you visit (and don’t own)

  1. Load a web page in the Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click the page, then click View page source.
  3. You should see a lot of code. Search the page for gtag. js or analytics. js (for Universal Analytics) or ga. js (for Classic Analytics).

What is Google Optimizer tool?

Google Optimize is a web optimization tool by Google. It helps increase conversion rates by working as a platform to build and run a huge variety of A/B test experiments. For users with less testing needs, it’s the best tool, as it is the only free tool in the market so far.

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