Often asked: How To Implement Google Analytics On Ios?

Follow these steps to enable install tracking in your Analytics account:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics..
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the property you want to edit.
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings.
  4. In the iOS Campaign Tracking section, click the toggle to turn it ON.
  5. Click Save.

Does Google Analytics work with iOS?

Note: The Firebase SDK is the recommended method to track iOS apps. You can also use Tag Manager + Firebase to track them. Note: Beginning with version 3.16 of the Google Analytics for iOS SDK, Xcode 7.3 or higher is required.

How do I add Google Analytics to my app?

Set Up The Tracking ID For Your App –

  1. Download the Android SDK and Studio.
  2. Download the Play Services SDK.
  3. Link AdMob account to Google Analytics.
  4. Add Tags to Google Tag manager.
  5. Download Xcode.
  6. Download the Analytics SDK.
  7. Link your AdMob account to Google Analytics.
  8. Add tags to Google Tag manager.

How do I add Google Analytics to Swift?

pod ‘Google/Analytics’

  1. need google configuration file(GoogleService-Info.plist)
  2. simple bridging header file. Just add #import <Google/Analytics. h> in bridging header file.
  3. add import Google in every file you want to implement google analytics.

Can I use Google Analytics on iPad?

Developed by Google, Inc. It now supports both iPhone and iPad whilst offering the most commonly used features and reports within a few taps.

Does iOS 14 block Google Analytics?

As more information has surfaced, it appears that Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in Safari 14 is not completely blocking Google Analytics. Instead, it’s blocking third-party tracking cookies and cross-site scripting requests, which limits portions of Google Analytics.

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Is Google Analytics affect by iOS 14?

You are not wrong that Safari 14 also got privacy updates with the release of IOS14 but the great news is-is that Google Analytics is a 1st party cookie not a 3rd party cookie which means that not only is Google Analytics NOT affected by the current changes, but it also means that the information is downloaded from

Does Google Analytics work for mobile apps?

Use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement with mobile apps. With easy-to-use SDKs and reports designed with app developers in mind, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps enables you to: Measure in-app payments and revenue.

Can Google Analytics be used for mobile apps?

This article is for mobile app owners who have already set up a Google Analytics 4 property and an app data stream. To start collecting basic app-usage data, add the Firebase SDK to your app (iOS or Android). The Google Analytics for Firebase (GA4F) SDK includes the Play Install Referrer API.

Can you use Google Analytics for apps?

User insights from acquisition to app usage Analytics surfaces data about user behavior in your iOS and Android apps, enabling you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization. View crash data, notification effectiveness, deep-link performance, in-app purchase data, and more.

What is Google Analytics in iOS?

iOS Android Web. Google Analytics collects usage and behavior data for your web app. The SDK logs two primary types of information: Events: What is happening in your app, such as user actions, system events, or errors.

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What is Iphone app Analytics?

App Analytics provides a general view of your First-Time Downloads, as well as breakouts by territory, device, and source. To see data over a specific time period, select a custom date range. A Redownload occurs when a user who previously downloaded your app adds it to their device again.

How do I add Google Analytics to my flutter app?


  1. Add dependency. Legacy. firebase_core: “^0.7.0” firebase_analytics: “^7.0.1”
  2. Download dependency. $ flutter pub get.
  3. 3. ( Web Only) Add the SDK. If using FlutterFire on the web, add the firebase-analytics JavaScript SDK to your index.html file:
  4. Rebuild your app. Once complete, rebuild your Flutter application:

How do I set up Google Analytics?

Get started with Analytics

  1. Create or sign in to your Analytics account: Go to
  2. Set up a property in your Analytics account.
  3. Set up a reporting view in your property.
  4. Follow the instructions to add the tracking code to your websiteso you can collect data in your Analytics property.

Does Google Analytics have an API?

Introduction. The Google Analytics Reporting API v4 provides programmatic methods to access report data in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics properties only). With the Google Analytics Reporting API, you can: Integrate your Google Analytics data with other business applications.

What is firebase io?

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas). It provides developers with a variety of tools and services to help them develop quality apps, grow their user base, and earn profit. It is built on Google’s infrastructure. Firebase is categorized as a NoSQL database program, which stores data in JSON-like documents.

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