Often asked: Where Can You See Analytics Anchor?

You can find analytics for your podcast under Your Podcast Performance, right on your web dashboard.

How do I access Apple podcast analytics Anchor?

To access your analytics and subscriber information on Apple Podcasts, you’ll need to add the email address associated with your account to your public RSS feed. From here, you’ll want to locate your RSS feed (instructions below) to submit it to Apple Podcasts.

How do I check my podcast analytics on Spotify?

That’s it, you’re in! Click ‘See Statsʼ to go to the Dashboard and view your Spotify analytics. In a web browser, go to

  1. Click the ‘Get Startedʼ Button.
  2. Enter the RSS Feed for your podcast.
  3. Click ‘Nextʼ in the lower right corner.

Does Anchor give you analytics?

Starting today, we’re expanding Anchor’s podcast analytics beyond standard podcast download metrics — to include true episode drop-off and aggregated listener demographics.

How do I view my podcast stats on Apple?

Connect to your audience, compare your episode performance, and see what’s working with updates to the podcast analytics tool. Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect and click on the Analytics tab to see these new features.

How do I get the analytics anchor on Spotify?

Input your podcast’s RSS feed URL into Spotify for Podcasters

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the initial setup flow.
  3. Enter your Anchor RSS feed when prompted for a podcast you own the rights to.
  4. Spotify will send an email with an 8-digit code to the email you used to sign up with on Anchor.

Can I view my Spotify stats?

You can find up-to-date Spotify stats in the mobile app, as well, but the information is limited to frequently played artists and playlists. Tap the Settings icon (which looks like a gear). Select View Profile underneath your user icon. You can browse your recently played artists and a list of your playlists.

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How do I access Google podcasts Analytics?

Click the episode in the episodes table on the show landing page to see detailed listening data for that episode for the selected time period. Important facts to know about your episodes: Data is shown only for the selected time period.

Can you see who watched your podcast on Spotify?

At both the podcast and episode levels, you’ll be able to see the number of starts —that’s how many people actually press play—as well as the total number of streams.

Why can’t I see my Spotify Analytics?

If you are not seeing your Spotify data here, it can be because of two things: You are on the free Starter plan which doesn’t show your Spotify analytics. You have not updated your show’s host information on (this is only necessary for existing shows moving to Acast).

Does Anchor count your own plays?

Plays of an episode on Anchor won’t count as ad impressions unless the ad itself was heard (as opposed to some other part of the episode) While most “podcatchers” and distribution platforms will update our system regularly with new play data, some will update only once a day, in one batch.

How do anchors get listeners?

There are a few very effective methods available for you to use that will assist in growing your podcast’s listener base!

  1. Network, Network, Network!
  2. Choose A Good Podcasting Host.
  3. Maximize That SEO.
  4. Interact With the Internet!
  5. Opt For Classic Advertising.
  6. Effectively Use Social Media.
  7. Get On the App Scene.

Can a podcaster see who listens?

For instance, podcast creators can now see ( aggregated and anonymized, not device- or user-specific) data about when listeners stopped listening to a particular episode. This also matters to podcast advertisers, who would like to know if people are listening to the ads they pay for.

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How are podcast plays counted?

The total listen count is calculated from the number of times a play button was pressed across every podcast directory where your podcast is listed. The list is automatically organizes episodes from most popular to least. Higher total listens could mean people are listening to the same episode more than once.

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