Quick Answer: How To Check Podcast Analytics Anchor?

To explore your own podcast analytics, head over to your Anchor dashboard. Scroll down to see your age and gender charts, and click into an episode from your episode list to view your drop-off performance.

How do I access Spotify analytics Anchor?

Input your podcast’s RSS feed URL into Spotify for Podcasters

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the initial setup flow.
  3. Enter your Anchor RSS feed when prompted for a podcast you own the rights to.
  4. Spotify will send an email with an 8-digit code to the email you used to sign up with on Anchor.

What counts as a listen on Anchor?

For an ad to count as heard and contribute to your total impressions for that ad read, we need to ensure it was played — i.e. downloaded, or streamed. Plays of an episode on Anchor won’t count as ad impressions unless the ad itself was heard (as opposed to some other part of the episode)

How do I claim my Spotify podcast Anchor?

Upload podcast on Spotify using Anchor

  1. Download the Anchor app on your phone or visit
  2. Set up your account and upload your first podcast episode.
  3. Add title, description, and upload your Channel art.
  4. Once done, tap on Publish Now.
  5. You can then check the distribution status the next day.

Where can I find podcast metrics?

Here are some of the engagement metrics we can look for:

  1. Total Downloads Over Time.
  2. Monthly/Daily Downloads.
  3. Downloads by Episode.
  4. Unique User Downloads/Subscribers.
  5. Embedded player views.
  6. Podcast Website Traffic.
  7. iTunes reviews.
  8. Calculated iTunes Subscribers.

Can you see who views your podcast on Anchor?

You can view this information by app (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc) or device (mobile, desktop, smart speaker, etc). Under the Episodes tab on your Anchor dashboard, you can now sort your list of episodes by anything you want — like the episode name, date published, number of listens, or length.

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How do anchors get listeners?

There are a few very effective methods available for you to use that will assist in growing your podcast’s listener base!

  1. Network, Network, Network!
  2. Choose A Good Podcasting Host.
  3. Maximize That SEO.
  4. Interact With the Internet!
  5. Opt For Classic Advertising.
  6. Effectively Use Social Media.
  7. Get On the App Scene.

Can you see who listens to your podcast on Anchor?

Aggregated Listener Demographics But starting today, Anchor can show you reliable demographic information for your listeners, including anonymized and aggregated age ranges and gender breakdown of your audience. Head over to your Anchor dashboard or app to start exploring this new data for your show!

Do Spotify podcasts get paid?

Music streaming app Spotify said on Tuesday it has launched a podcast subscription model just a week after Apple rolled out a subscription-based podcast service. The move will allow podcast producers on Spotify to monetise from their shows at no cost for the first two years.

Does Anchor own your podcast?

Mignano tweeted in response, on June 21 2018, “First and foremost, when using Anchor, creators have, and always will, own their content. We’ve made this really explicit so there isn’t any confusion.” The terms and conditions were clarified to indicate a license to distribute (but not own) your content.

Is it free to put a podcast on Spotify?

Spotify will include your podcast for free using the above steps. In this way it’s similar to other podcasting apps and websites. You’ll still need a podcast host, of course, but there are free options for those as well. You even get access to listener totals, demographics, and other analytics.

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What do podcast analytics look like?

They include things like unique episode downloads, total episode downloads, listening platforms, apps, and devices your audience is using to listen to your show, the geographic location of your listeners, total time listened to each episode, percentage of your audience who is subscribed, number of episode starts and

Can you look up podcast stats?

My favorite way to check the popularity of a show is through Castbox. This is a mobile app but also a web player. It also sees about 2% of total podcast downloads. But Castbox not only shows us number of subscribers but also number of downloads.

How do you Analyse a podcast?

How do I analyze a podcast?

  1. What type of podcast is this? This is important to consider because:
  2. Balance. A podcast, like a news story, should balance both sides of an argument in order to minimize bias.
  3. Bias. A podcast should be neutral.
  4. Subjectivity.
  5. Opinion.
  6. Representation, Ethics, and Credibility.

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