Quick Answer: How To Get To Pages Report Google Analytics?

How to find in Google Analytics. Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. To expand the list of pages, change the number of rows displayed by going to Show Rows at the bottom left of the screen. Also, make sure the report encompasses an appropriate period.

How do I view Landing Pages in Google Analytics?

Landing Page Views You can find this data in Google Analytics by navigating to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. In the All Pages view, find the URL for your landing page, and click on it.

How do I get pages Analytics?

Get started with Analytics

  1. Create or sign in to your Analytics account: Go to
  2. Set up a property in your Analytics account.
  3. Set up a reporting view in your property.
  4. Follow the instructions to add the tracking code to your websiteso you can collect data in your Analytics property.

What are landing pages in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, any page can be a landing page. It’s simply the first page a visitor goes to on your site, essentially their point of arrival. They might get there from clicking a Google search result, following a link in an email, or following a recommendation from another site.

What’s the difference between all pages and landing pages in Google Analytics?

Landing pages will show you how people entered your web site and it is good for acquisition analysis. All pages report will show you how your pages perform regardless if they entered the site through that page or not.

How do I find landing pages?

Competitor Research: Searching a Competitor URL to Show Landing Pages

  1. Scroll down the page, and you can see the User Journey: Keyword > Ad > Landing Page.
  2. The key benefit of this view is that you can see the whole route from keyword (the user problem), to ad copy (the promise), to the landing page (the solution).
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How do you evaluate a landing page?

The following are the metrics you should be looking at:

  1. Page Views. The most obvious thing when you consider how to measure landing page success is your number of page views.
  2. Bounce Rate.
  3. Session Duration.
  4. Traffic Source.
  5. Conversion Rate.
  6. Bringing Landing Page Performance Together.

How do I find my landing page?

For search, any number of pages in a website may serve as a landing page depending on a particular query a user is searching for. Search engines will select the most relevant page in your website, or if your site, as a whole, is relevant for a particular query, your homepage may serve as a landing page.

How do I check Google Analytics?

Access Analytics via or from your Google Ads account. There are two ways to access Analytics: through a standalone account at, or through your linked Google Ads account. You can sign in to your Analytics account from

What happened to Google in-page Analytics?

Following deprecation of the In-Page Analytics report in Q1 2017, the Page Analytics Chrome Extension was deprecated in Q3 2017. After you install the extension for your Chrome browser, you can load a page that you are tracking with Analytics and see the following information: Metrics: Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg.

How do I find the top convert pages in Google Analytics?

If you’ve already enabled any of them, you may log in to Google Analytics and select the website for which you’d like to see the high converting landing pages. In the left panel, navigate to Behavior » Site Content » Landing Pages. You can now see your landing pages report that is sorted by popularity.

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What is the difference between landing page and starting page?

Start Page – The pages from which visitors searched your site. Landing Page – The pages through which visitors entered your site.

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