Quick Answer: How To Look At The Analytics Of A Show?

Get to YouTube analytics

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Point to your video and select Analytics. You can also view your latest video performance from the channel dashboard. Click a video title or thumbnail.

How do I see someones Analytics channel?

How to see YouTube Analytics for other channels

  1. YouTube Analytics tool – Tubular Intelligence.
  2. YouTube Analytics tool – BuzzSumo.
  3. YouTube Analytics tool – Social Blade.
  4. YouTube Analytics tool – Popsters.

How do I see other YouTube channel analytics?

If you need to analyze competitor’s channels or videos, you can use Popsters. To analyze your channel’s statistics, go to Creative Studio (click your avatar in the upper right corner). You’ll see the link to YouTube Analytics in the left column.

Can you get YouTube Analytics?

Get to YouTube Analytics. Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left-hand menu, select Analytics.

What do YouTube analytics show?

Every channel owner and manager on YouTube should have access to the YouTube Analytics reports, which measures watch time, tracks the gender and geographic distribution of a channel’s viewers, where they discover videos, which devices they’re consuming content on, and much more.

Is Social Blade accurate?

HuffPost wrote that “Social Blade estimates earnings for each YouTube channel based on the money generated for every thousand ad views. These estimates aren’t exact. Instead, they create a minimum and maximum amount that a channel could be earning; in some cases, the range can be huge.

How much does 1000 views on YouTube pay India?

Making Youtube videos; Potential earnings: Rs 200-300 per 1,000 views. Ads pay according to engagement and clicks. YouTube is both popular and easily accessible.

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How do you analyze a YouTube video?

Click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then select YouTube Studio. 3. You’ll see some summary metrics right on the Channel Dashboard. To go more in-depth, click Go To Channel Analytics, or select Analytics from the left-hand menu.

Are my own views counted on YouTube?

Do your own views count on YouTube? Yes, your own views count if you play your own YouTube video — but only if you do it once or twice, not if you constantly refresh the page.

How do I see stats on YouTube?

In order to view your YouTube Analytics, sign in to your YouTube account and go to your Creator Studio. From there, click into the Analytics tab in the menu on the left of your screen. In order to check which of your videos are performing the best, click on Watch time under Watch time reports.

Can I view my canvas activity?

In Canvas you have options to track student activity via Course Analytics, Course Statistics, Student Analytics, and the new Analytics Beta tool. You can view your own interactions with a student, and view a summary of all student interactions in your site.

How do I see analytics on canvas?

All analytics links will point to the new analytics tool and the new analytics menu option is enabled in the course menu. Students will see the new analytics option in the course menu and on the home page. This will allow them to see their own data.

How do I view canvas activity?

How do I view course activity for an account?

  1. Open Account. In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].
  2. Open Admin Tools. In Account Navigation, click the Admin Tools link.
  3. Open Logging.
  4. Select Log Type.
  5. Search by Course Name or Course ID.
  6. Find Course Activity.

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