Quick Answer: How To See Products Frequently Purchased Together Google Analytics?

To get started, log in to Google Analytics. Then, navigate to Conversions » E-commerce » Product Performance in the left panel. Now you’ll see the sales performance of your products in a table. You can sort the table by quantity, product revenue, unique purchases, etc.

What is product list view in Google Analytics?

Product List Views is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Product List Views Definition: Number of times the product appeared in a product list (Enhanced Ecommerce).

How do I track my Google Analytics purchases?

How to track your sales using Google Analytics

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click “Admin” from the top menu bar.
  3. In the “Account” Column, select the website you wish to track sales (if you have more than one in your account).
  4. In the “View” column, select “Goals”
  5. Click “+New Goals” from this page.

How do I see product performance in Google Analytics?

To start investigating your product performance data, go to the Product Performance report in Google Analytics (Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance). The Product Performance report shows which products are most frequently viewed, added to cart, and ultimately purchased in a transaction.

How do I set up shopping Behaviour in Google Analytics?

Step 1: go to Shopping Behavior report and go with your cursor to one of the funnel steps. Step 2: create the actual segment. Step 3: you can review the segment after you have created it. You can create three more segments in a minute:

  1. Sessions with Add to Basket.
  2. Sessions with Check-Out.
  3. Sessions with Transactions.
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What are product detail views?

Product detail views: How often a visitor clicked on a product detail page or box. Unique purchases: The number of unique purchases for a product, as opposed to total sales. Cart-to-detail rate: The number of products added to a shopping cart per number of product-detail views.

How do I enable enhanced ecommerce in Google Analytics?

Turn on enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Navigate to “Admin”
  3. In the view section, click on “Ecommerce Settings” a. Turn on “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” b. Turn on “Enable Ecommerce”
  4. Create a check-out funnel (optional)

How do you track sales from a link?

How to Track Your Sales with Link Tracking

  1. Track Your Sales with a Code.
  2. Track Your Sales Using a Reliable Tracking Tool.
  3. Track Your Sales with Link Rotation.
  4. Track Sales Performance: Pay-per-click Ads Link Tracking.
  5. Conclusion.

How is revenue tracked in Google Analytics?

How to Measure Revenue by Medium or Source in Google Analytics. Go to the Acquisition tab in Google Analytics. Under All Traffic click on Source/Medium. This page shows you traffic from each channel as well as revenue generated from each medium and source.

What is ecommerce tracking?

Ecommerce Tracking is a feature of Google Analytics that tracks shopping activity on your website. You can use it to track and analyze transaction data, revenue, products you’ve sold, and more. The average revenue and number of products per transaction. Your online store’s conversion rate.

What is product List CTR?

Product List CTR ( the rate at which users clicked the product list to view products (number of clicks divided by the number of times the list appeared)

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What is Google Analytics product performance?

The Product Performance Report in Google Analytics shows sales performance and shopping behavior for products over time. This report is useful for marketers to see how much revenue each product has driven, which of their products are their top selling products and which are their poorer performing products.

What is product List performance?

The Product List Performance Report is one of the Enhanced Ecommerce offerings from Google Analytics. It allows you to track how clusters of products are performing in your online store.

How do you analyze product performance?

Analyze metrics to evaluate product performance

  1. Decompose the organization’s strategy into measurable outcomes.
  2. Divide measurable outcomes into specific outcomes for each product team in the organization.
  3. Determine features that each product team can build to achieve their team’s target outcomes.

How do I set up enhanced ecommerce tracking?

To turn on Enhanced Ecommerce for a view, and label your checkout steps:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the view for which you want to turn on Enhanced Ecommerce.
  3. In the VIEW column, click Ecommerce Settings.
  4. Under Step 1, Enable Ecommerce, set the status to ON.
  5. Click Next step.

What is product checkout in Google Analytics?

Product Checkouts is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Product Checkouts Definition: Number of times the product was included in the check-out process (Enhanced Ecommerce).

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