Readers ask: What Does Enable Unity Analytics Mean?

By simply enabling Unity Analytics. See in Glossary in your project, you can get data about how many people first start playing your game, how many play every day, how many play in a given month, and other session-based usage data.

What is Unity analysis?

Unity Analytics is our global, cloud-based analytics tool. The Unity Analytics dashboard provides you with simple-to-use tools that will help you understand your audience and get actionable insights into your players’ behavior.

What is unity Cloud Analytics?

Unity Analytics. See in Glossary is a simple but powerful data platform that provides analytics for your Unity game. Find out who the players are in your game and their in-game behavior.

How do I turn on unity Analytics?

In the Services window, select “Analytics” and then toggle the Unity Analytics slider to the right. Complete the mandatory Age Designation field and then “Go to Dashboard” to validate the integration.

Are unity Analytics free?

Unity Analytics is available for free to all Unity developers regardless of license tier. Developers with a Personal license will have access to our Standard Events and Core Analytics features (e.g. Data Explorer, Funnel Analyzer, Segment Builder and many more).

What does Unity Pro give you?

Unity Pro gives you access to Unity Cloud Build, which allows you to store project data on a cloud server so multiple members on your team can build and compile projects faster. Having Unity Pro also gives you access to Unity Beta builds. Unity Pro provides exclusive deals for assets on the Asset Store.

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What information does unity ads collect?

Unity Ads has probably collected device information, like IP address and device identifiers, and information regarding the delivery of ads and your interaction with them, all of which may be shared with ad publishers and attribution companies.

How many Unity users are there?

As of 2020, Unity-made applications were used by 2 billion monthly active users, with 1.5 million monthly creators.

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