Readers ask: What Is A Product List In Google Analytics?

Within Google Analytics, a product list is a logical grouping that can be created using different dimensions. The three main ways to group product lists are: Categories: The simplest of the product lists, categories allow you to compare, for instance, how shoes in your online store compare with handbags.

What is product list name in Google Analytics?

Product List Name Definition: The name of the product list in which the product appears (Enhanced Ecommerce).

What is product list view in Google Analytics?

Product List Views is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Product List Views Definition: Number of times the product appeared in a product list (Enhanced Ecommerce).

What can the product List Performance report be used for?

Identify a list of products to remove from your website. Identify low performing Product Lists for optimization opportunities. Analyze how the order of products in a product list may impact performance. Compare product performance across multiple Product Lists.

What is product data analytics?

Product analytics is the process of analyzing how users engage with a product or service. It enables product teams to track, visualize, and analyze user engagement and behavior data. Teams use this data to improve and optimize a product or service.

What is product List CTR?

Product List CTR ( the rate at which users clicked the product list to view products (number of clicks divided by the number of times the list appeared)

How do I set up product List performance in Google Analytics?

In the View column, click on Ecommerce Settings. Under Step 1, turn the Enable Ecommerce status to on. Click Next Step and then under Step 2 turn the Enhanced Ecommerce Settings to on. Finally, head to the Conversions section to generate the Product List Performance Report.

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Where do I find my products in Google Analytics?

To get started, log in to Google Analytics. Then, navigate to Conversions » E-commerce » Product Performance in the left panel. Now you’ll see the sales performance of your products in a table. You can sort the table by quantity, product revenue, unique purchases, etc.

What is product checkout in Google Analytics?

Product Checkouts is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Product Checkouts Definition: Number of times the product was included in the check-out process (Enhanced Ecommerce).

What are product impressions?

A Product Impression is defined as viewing one (or usually multiple) product offers on a given page. A typical scenario would be loading a page on which multiple products in a given category are being browsed. Each of the different product offers on this page would count as a Product Impression.

What is product Performance Report?

The Product Performance Report is a hybrid between a sales report and an inventory on hand report. It allows you to compare your inventory data for a product with sales data such as item’s sold per month, cost of goods and revenue.

What is product revenue in Google Analytics?

Product Revenue: The metric representing individual product contributions to total revenue. This is used for reporting exclusively at the product level and is generally only included in the product-based eCommerce reports in Google Analytics.

Does Google Analytics have an API?

Introduction. The Google Analytics Reporting API v4 provides programmatic methods to access report data in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics properties only). With the Google Analytics Reporting API, you can: Integrate your Google Analytics data with other business applications.

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How do you define product analytics?

Product Analytics is the process of analyzing how users interact with a product or service. Companies use Product Analytics to optimize the user experience by identifying where the user is challenged and merchandise features around the product.

What is product analysis?

Product analysis involves examining product features, costs, availability, quality, appearance and other aspects. Product analysis is conducted by potential buyers, by product managers attempting to understand competitors and by third party reviewers.

What is the role of a product analyst?

Product analysts analyze market data to assist companies in developing marketing strategies for a product. They make comparisons between a company’s product and industry trends to ensure that a product is suitable and profitable.

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