Who Found Tetration Analytics?

Navindra Yadav, founder of Tetration and a Cisco Fellow, discusses a new approach in protecting your data center with complete visibility, multilayered segmentation, and threat protection that follow the workload everywhere.

What is Cisco Tetration Analytics?

Tetration is an analytics platform that provides deep visibility into data center and cloud infrastructure operational information. The system will dramatically simplify operational reliability, application migrations to SDN and the cloud as well as security monitoring.

When did Cisco acquire Tetration?

SAN JOSE, Calif— June 15, 2016 – Cisco today announced Cisco Tetration AnalyticsTM, a platform designed to help customers gain complete visibility across everything in the data center in real time– every packet, every flow, every speed.

How is Tetration licensed?

The Tetration Endpoint Visibility capability is licensed (on a per Endpoint basis as identified by Anyconnect and/or Cisco Identity Services Engine or “ISE”) separately from the Tetration Workload protection capability.

Does Tetration use NetFlow?

The Tetration Data Ingest appliance is used to collect NetFlow v9 info from the ASAv which is useful in stitching together flows of traffic from outside the firewall all the way through being NAT’d by that ASAv and then traversing to the internal corporate network and making their way to app frontends.

What is Cisco IronPort ESA?

Types of Cisco IronPort Hosted Hardware Email security hardware (ESA) is an email gateway that offers a multilayered approach to email security—providing advanced threat prevention, blocking spam and viruses, and enabling corporate data loss prevention.

Who took Cisco public?

However, not everyone shares optimism. Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock from Overweight to Equal-Weight, with a price target of US$59. Interestingly, it was Morgan Stanley that took Cisco public back in 1990, at a valuation of US$224m, inflation-adjusted US$468.85m in 2021.

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Who did Cisco acquire?

Cisco acquires ThousandEyes for around $1 billion to make deeper push into software. ThousandEyes says its customers include Microsoft, Slack, PayPal and Lyft. Cisco has been snapping up cloud software companies to make up for slowing growth in its core networking business.

What is SecureX Cisco?

SecureX turns security from a blocker into an enabler. Cisco SecureX is the broadest, most integrated security platform that connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and the customer’s infrastructure for a consistent experience.

What is repeated exponentiation?

In mathematics, tetration (or hyper-4) is an operation based on iterated, or repeated, exponentiation. It is the next hyperoperation after exponentiation, but before pentation. The word was coined by Reuben Louis Goodstein from tetra- (four) and iteration. Tetration is used for the notation of very large numbers.

What is Cisco ACI?

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution designed for data centers. Cisco ACI allows network infrastructure to be defined based upon network policies – simplifying, optimizing, and accelerating the application deployment lifecycle.

What is after tetration?

In mathematics, pentation (or hyper-5) is the next hyperoperation after tetration and before hexation. It is defined as iterated (repeated) tetration, just as tetration is iterated exponentiation. It is a binary operation defined with two numbers a and b, where a is tetrated to itself b-1 times.

How do you write tetration?

It is called tetration. For example, 2 tetrated to 3, represented as 32, is equal to 222 = 2^2^2 = 24 = 16. The word “tetration” comes from “tetra” ( meaning “four “) because it is the fourth operation in this series: addition, multiplication, exponentiation, tetration.

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How much does Cisco tetration cost?

In June 2016 Cisco unveiled its big Tetration Analytics platform to monitor everything in data centers. Analysts quickly added up the listed prices for the equipment and software, estimating a cost of $3 million for Tetration.

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