Why Don’t Any Search Queries Show Up In Google Analytics?

According to Google these data might not be reported for a number of reasons – one being: “To protect user privacy, Search Analytics doesn’t show all data. For example, we might not track some queries that are made a very small number of times or those that contain personal or sensitive information. “

Why can’t I see search terms in Google Analytics?

When you see keyword not provided in Google Analytics, then it simply means Google doesn’t want to share the data with you. So, if anyone lands on your website by performing a Google search, Google Analytics recognizes the visitor under the organic medium but won’t show you the search term they used.

How do I find search queries in Google Analytics?

Fire up Google Search Console and click Search Traffic, then Search Analytics in the left-hand navigation. The default report will show Clicks by Queries, without filters applied.

How do I enable Search Console data in Google Analytics?

Enable the Search Console Data Import in Google Analytics

  1. Go to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Go to Acquisition (left sidebar) > Search Console.
  3. Click the Set up Search Console data sharing button.
  4. Choose your Search Console account.

How do I enable site search in Google Analytics?

Step 1: Open Your Settings in Google Analytics

  1. Then, click the Admin option.
  2. Then, click View Settings.
  3. Step 2: Enable Site Search Tracking.
  4. After turning on site search tracking, you’ll see a field to enter a Query parameter.
  5. The “query parameter” is the letter that appears in your site’s URL before the search terms.
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How do I enable website search?

Enable site search tracking in Google Analytics You need to go into your Google Analytics Admin page and click on “View Settings” (after selecting the appropriate Account > Property > View for your site of course). Inside the “View Settings” section, scroll down to “Site Search Settings”: enable “Site search Tracking”

What is search query in Google Analytics?

Search queries, on the other hand, are words or phrases that real users type into a search engine. In an essence, search queries are the real-world application of a keyword, meaning there may be other words tacked onto it, it may be misspelled, or it may just be the exact keyword itself.

How do I query Google Analytics?

Summary – The Google Analytics Query Explorer is a way to retrieve raw web analytics data for your website. Tutorial: How to use the Google Analytics Query Explorer

  1. Select a view.
  2. Select a date range.
  3. Select metrics.
  4. Select dimensions.
  5. Run query and export data.

How do I search a Google query?

A query consists of one or more words, numbers, or phrases that you hope you will find in the search results listings. In Google Guide, I sometimes call a query search terms. Now press the ENTER key or click on the Google Search button to view your search results.

How do you set up Google Search Console?

How to set-up a Search Console account

  1. Step 1: Sign in to Search Console With Your Google account. Note: You’ll need to have a Google account for this method to work when setting up Search Console.
  2. Step 2: Enter Your Website’s Domain (or URL-Prefix) to Add a Property.
  3. Step 3: Verify Your Website.
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How do I connect to the Search Console?

In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings. Scroll down to Search Console Settings. You should see the URL of your website, which confirms that the website is verified in Search Console and that you have permission to make changes. If you do not see the URL, you need to add your site to Search Console.

How do I find a search query?

The first thing you need to do is identify the query parameter for the search function. You need to look for the term you searched for and then just before the term you should see an equals sign. Before this, you should see a character (or word), and before this, you should see a question mark or an ampersand.

How does site search work in Google Analytics?

Site search is a functionality provided by a website in the form of a search box through which website visitors search the website for information or products. If your website provides site search functionality then you should set up ‘site search tracking’ in Google Analytics.

How do you track searches?

Log in to Google Analytics at

  1. Open the account that you created for your marketplace.
  2. From the bottom left, select “Admin”.
  3. In the “View” column (the third one, on the right), select the view where your want to track searches (you may have only one view).

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