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Readers ask: How To Track Clicks In Google Analytics?

Track clicked links with Google Analytics

  1. Click your profile image at the top right, then select Account settings.
  2. Click Analytics tracking settings.
  3. Select Enable Google Analytics integration then enter the domains you want to track:
  4. Click Save analytics settings.

How do I track Google clicks?

Essentially, you’ll need to create a trigger to distinguish between the custom links you want to track and the page views and outbound clicks that the enhanced measurement feature is tracking. Go to your Google Tags Manager and add a new trigger. Then, you’ll have to connect this trigger to your events tracking.

How do I analyze Google Analytics clicks?

Analyze Click Paths in Google Analytics to Improve Conversions

  1. In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Behavior Flow.
  2. Search for the desired page in the list of “Landing Page” options and click “View only this segment.” Click image to enlarge.
  3. The “Landing Page” reports the first page touched in users’ first session.

What is clicks in Google Analytics?

The Clicks column in your Google Ads reports indicates how many times your advertisements were clicked by users, while Users indicates the number of unique (deduplicated) users who clicked your ads. A user may click your ad multiple times.

How do I track outbound clicks in Google Analytics?

Follow the instructions below: Open Google Tag Manager. Click on Triggers., Select New. Name your Trigger “Outbound Link Trigger”. To reach the event view.

  1. Open Google Analytics.
  2. Click Real Time.
  3. Choose Events.
  4. Click the outbound link on the website to see it you can track external link clicks.
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Can you track impressions in Google Analytics?

How to analyze ad impressions and clicks in Google Analytics. To analyze impressions or clicks in Analytics, switch to your account and go to Behavior > Events > Overview. As soon as ad impressions or clicks are tracked, you should see Advanced Ads in the Event Category list.

How do I track website impressions?

When it comes to your website, an impression represents a page view to your website. You can measure these impressions by using the statistics program your Web host provides, or through Google Analytics, which is free.

How do I track a user journey in Google Analytics?

5 Steps to Understand User Journey from Start to Conversion in Google Analytics

  1. Step 1: Google Analytics View & Filter. Create a new separate view with a filter ‘including’ only virtual page views.
  2. Step 2: Datalayer Event Tracking.
  3. Step 3: Google Tag Manager.
  4. Step 4: Set up Goal in GA.

Are clicks and sessions the same thing?

On a basic level, the clicks column in your reports indicates how many times your advertisements were clicked by users, while sessions indicates the number of unique sessions initiated by your users.

Can Bitly track clicks?

Using your dedicated Bitly account, you can track the total number of clicks, where they came from, and when they visited.

How do I track outbound clicks?

You can track which outbound links are clicked by your users by adding a short, simple code in your Google Analytics Tracking code.

  1. Where are you Going?
  2. Event Category is the name of the event.
  3. Total Events is the times the Event occurred – in this case, it’s the number of times my outbound link was clicked by a user.
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How do I track outbound link clicks?

How to Track Outbound Link Clicks with Google Tag Manager

  1. Log in to Your Google Tag Manager Account.
  2. Go to Variables and Click New Under User-Defined Variables.
  3. Select Auto-Event Variable Under Variable Type.
  4. Go to Triggers and Create a New One.
  5. Select Click – Just Links Under Trigger Type.
  6. Go to Tags and Click New.

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