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Readers ask: How To Track Utms In Google Analytics?

Google Analytics UTM campaign parameters can be found in the Reports section under Acquisition>Campaigns>All campaigns. Just log into your Google Analytics platform and scroll down to your Acquisition Section.

How do I track Utms?

Once you add the UTM code to your campaign’s URL, you can track the performance in Google Analytics in a few different reports.

  1. Create a custom report under “Customization” > “Custom Reports”.
  2. Go to Acquisition → Overview → All Traffic → Source/Medium to view traffic.

What is UTM term in Google Analytics?

“UTM” stands for “Urchin tracking module.” UTM codes are added to the end of regular URL’s and are designed to tell Google Analytics (and other analytics tools) a little bit more information about each link and which marketing campaign it relates to.

How do I track Facebook UTM links in Google Analytics?

How to track Facebook ads in Google Analytics

  1. Step 1: Create a trackable link. The first step to tracking your Facebook activity in Google Analytics is to generate a URL parameter for your ads.
  2. Step 2: Create your Facebook ad.
  3. Step 3: Add trackable link to your Facebook ad.
  4. Step 4: Track performance in Google Analytics.

How does Google Analytics UTM work?

UTM parameters (sometimes called UTM codes) are specific text strings that you can append to URLs that allow you track those URLs when they get clicked on. UTM parameters make Google Analytics pick up on the data in the code and log it with the pageview.

How do I set up UTMs?

Here’s how you’d go about building UTM codes in HubSpot.

  1. Navigate to your Analytics Tools.
  2. Open the Tracking URL Builder.
  3. Open the Tracking URL form to create a new UTM code.
  4. Fill in each attribute of your UTM code and click “Create.”
  5. Use the shortened link in your marketing campaign.
  6. Measure your success.
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What are the components of UTMs?

UTM codes have two components: the tracking variable and the UTM parameters. There are five parameters that you can use for tracking traffic. These parameters are source, medium, campaign, term (keyword), and content. Tracking where your website traffic comes from is a wise move for marketers.

What are UTMs used for?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes are snippets of code — attached to the end of a URL — used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. They are also used to pinpoint specific sources of traffic to your website. UTM codes, at a minimum, include a traffic source, a medium, and a campaign name.

How long is UTM tracking?

When a hyperlink contains a URL with UTM parameters, the web analytics software of the destination website interprets the parameter information and attributes it to the browser’s website session and the sessions after that until the campaign attribution window has expired (by default, six months in Google Analytics ).

Where does UTM term show in Google Analytics?

In GA4, you can see UTM campaign data in all 3 Acquisition reports: Overview, User acquisition, and Traffic acquisition. To find your UTM data in your Google Analytics GA4 property, navigate to » Reports » Acquisition (under Life cycle).

How do I use Utms on Facebook?

Steps to Add Custom UTM Tags in Your Facebook Ads

  1. Step 1) Create a new campaign in Facebook. Go to the Ads Manager in Facebook and create a new ad.
  2. Step 2) Fill out the Website URL. Now you are at the Page and Links section.
  3. Step 3) Show Advanced Options.
  4. Step 4) Add in the Display Link.
  5. Step 5) Input the URL Parameters.
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How do I use UTM to track my Facebook ads?

Head to Ads Manager and select or create a campaign, go to the Ad level, then create a new ad or select an existing one. Scroll down and then click Build a URL Parameter, and enter your website URL and the parameters you want to track.

Is UTM tracking accurate?

Whereas, tracking clicks and traffic sources with UTM parameters is 100% accurate. Once you have goals set up in Google Analytics, UTM parameters will also help you see exactly what activities are driving conversions.

How do I use Google UTM?

You can create UTMs using the Google UTM generator, then paste the links into your social media posts.

  1. Head to the Google Analytics Campaign URL builder.
  2. Enter the URL of the page you want to link to, then enter the values for the parameters you want to track.

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